CombiMatrix Developmental stages gmv1.2

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Gene models: v1.2 Phypa

Description: Expression data from several developmental stages for Gransden and Reute wild types (Each experiment has 3 replicates). The data are from the CombiMatrix microarray platform and all the samples were normalized by a median value of 12. The analysis of these samples was published in Hiss et al., 2014

BCD liquidBlq
BCDA (ammonium) liquidBlqA
BCD solidBsl
BCDA (ammonium) solidBslA
Gibberellin A9 methyl-esterGA9
Knop liquidKlq
Knop liquid ammoniumKlqA
Knop solidKsl
12-oxophytodienoic acid OPDA

Note: OPDA is a precursor of jasmonic acid.

Figure 1. Sporophyte developmental stages

Abb. Developmental stage Description
E1 Embryo 1:
Developing embryo; the upper, chloroplast rich half will develop into the spherical, spore-containing spore capsule, whereas the lower part will connect to the gametophore for nourishment of the developing sporophyte.
E2 Embryo 2:
Elongated embryo without developed stomata. Connection between gametophore and sporophyte still loose but cells started to differentiate.
ES Early sporophyte: Stomata are developed, clear separation of capsule (inflation) and developing seta (2n).
PM Premeiotic sporophyte: Spherical green translucend sporophyte containing spore mother cells (2n), seta starts to turn brownish.
M Meiotic sporophyte: Opaque green sporophyte containing tetrades which will later form each four spores (1n, meiosis occured).
Y Yellow sporophyte: Contains early spores of the final size covered by a plasma membrane, seta darkend during the maturation process.
LB Light brown sporophyte: Spores started to mature, the spore wall thickens by exine deposition.
B Brown sporophyte: Spores are mature, spore wall consists of a thick perine layer with spikes, exine, seperating layer and intine, sporophyte detaches easily.

The next figures represent the available samples in this data set. The color in the colored part of the figures below will be replaced by the expression color (from the white-yellow-orange-red color scale) when using the Expression Viewer.

Reute WT - Germinating spores

  • Germinating spores - Ksl

Gransden WT - Protonema Knop solid

  • Protonema - Ksl

Gransden WT - Protonema Knop liquid ammonium

  • Protonema - KlqA

Gransden WT - Protonema Knop liquid

  • Protonema - Klq

Gransden WT - Gametophores

  • Juvenile gametophores - Ksl

Reute WT - Adult Gametophores

  • Adult gametophores - Ksl

Gransden WT - adult Gametophores

  • Adult gametophores - Ksl

Reute WT - Brown sporophytes

  • Sporophytes LB-B - Ksl

Gransden WT - Protoplasts

  • Protoplasts - Klq