RNA-seq Gametophore treatments gmv3.3

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Gene models: v3.3

Description: Expression data for drought stress conditions for Gransden WT young gametophores on BCD solid and auxin treatment on young gametophores without rhizoids in Knop hydroponic (Each experiment has 3 replicates). Data were published in Perroud et al., 2018

BCD liquidBlq
BCDA (ammonium) liquidBlqA
BCD solidBsl
BCDA (ammonium) solidBslA
Gibberellin A9 methyl-esterGA9
Knop liquidKlq
Knop liquid ammoniumKlqA
Knop solidKsl
12-oxophytodienoic acid OPDA

Note: OPDA is a precursor of jasmonic acid.

The next figures represent the available samples in this data set. The color in the colored part of the figures below will be replaced by the expression color (from the white-yellow-orange-red color scale) when using the Expression Viewer.

Gametophores BCD solid - Dehydration

  • Gametophores - Bsl

Gametophores BCD solid - Rehydration

  • Gametophores - Bsl

Gametophores No Rhizoids Knop hydroponic - Control

  • Gametophores - hydr

Gametophores No Rhizoids Knop hydroponic - Auxin

  • Gametophores - hydr